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A draftsperson, or architect, is hired when you need to design something with a personal touch or untypical designs. Reality is where do you go when you need a set of plans. Drafting services (old school is by hand) are now connected with CAD services. CAD means Computer Aided Drafting and that is referring to the software that drafting company will use to make their drawings. Examples are AutoCad, Chief Architect.

A typical (package) plan for houses, buildings, and certain projects, can be bought without needing to hire a draftsperson but please be warned if buying it from the internet or the mainland the plans may not conform to Hawaii Building code. And sometimes not stamped by a Hawaii Licensed professional.

Now if you want to customize the house or building the cost to do so is not normally included in pre-drawn plans. So you will have to have it drawn up by a qualified professional whether an experienced draftsperson, a licensed architect or licensed engineer.

Again each County and State has building codes that apply to construction standards related to that area and in order to get a building permit you will need the plans to be brought to that agencies standard.

All these various parts involve research, planning and understanding. Thus if you want a cheap price you will probably get cheap service. If you want a complete, quality and full service job than you can count on us. We try very hard give you a complete price and do the best that we can. Even with all our years in business we find it difficult to work with the various agencies and we don’t recommend any client to try to save money by doing it themselves.

With that said architects, engineers and draftspersons differ in that, structural plans drawn up by a draftsperson will still need to be signed off by an architect and/or structural engineer before they can be approved for construction, building permit approval and/or special inspection. Like mentioned before we are still stumbled and confused by the agencies involved, but we will not pass that cost on to you. WHY? Because that is not fair to you the customer.


November 18th, 2012
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Author: Irv and Donna P.

“Accent Design Services created our house from a general idea of what we wanted. They did an amazing job of creating exactly what we wanted even before we knew we wanted it. But that was only the beginning; they stayed with us for help and consultation until we passed our final inspection. They went over and above many times to help out and I’m confident that, even now, we could contact them and they would either help us or find someone who could.”

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